Russian Support – My DIY Shoulder Rig

Yesterday, my Manfrotto 088LBP Female 1/4″-20 to Male 3/8″ adapter with flange arrived in the mail (see attached image below right). The reason behind this puchase is that I found out that the 3/8″ screw on my Krasnogorsk-3 pistol grip is a bit too wide (deviating from its standard) and the newly purchased POOLi™ S-BASE-2 and D-BASE-2 somewhat to narrow in their bottom 3/8″ threads. Deciding not to retap the female thread of the D-BASE-2, nor to die the male thread of the K-3 grip, I purchased the Manfrotto adapter as that was the only 3/8″ screw with wide enough flange to fit the pistol grip that I could find searching all over the Internet. I bought it through Media Markt in Sweden for 129 SEK ($15), plus 49 SEK ($6) for shipping. Although being tight, the new Manfrotto adapter fits the S-BASE-2 3/8″ thread well, and after some screwing and unscrewing the thread on the base loosened up somewhat, fitting the adapter (hereafter being referred to as my Manfrotto 3/8″ flange screw) better. The old screw of the K-3 grip is easy to remove and replace, as it only requires me to unscrew a aluminum plate fitted with a hole for the 3/8″ thread; it takes five small (M4?) screws to make the swap between the two 3/8″ flanged screws. Originally, I didn’t do any modification to the Manfrotto flange screw itself, although it became necessary to do that after a while (see below). As the aluminum plate of the K-3 grip that attaches to the bottom of the K-3 camera originally has two pins to hold the grip in place, withouth it wiggling around, my original though was to retain it and take advantage of it on my D-BASE-2. The rear pin of the grip fits right into one of the 1/4″-20 thread holes of the D-BASE-2, whereas the front pin needs a new small whole to fit into the base. Consequently I decided to drill this hole myself, using a DREMEL and a 3 mm cutting tool. I made a approximate marking pressing the grip (with the newly attached flange screw, mounted into the 3/8″ thread) to the bottom of the D-BASE-2, with the pin against the bottom plate, at least enough for me to orient myself for the drilling.

Modifying my Krasnogorsk-3 pistol grip and POOLi™ D-BASE-2

Everything went well and the grip attaches itself to the bottom of the D-BASE-2. However, I noticed that the thread of the Manfrotto flange screw only went halfway through the 3/8″ thread of the D-BASE-2, and as the latter is quite thin this meant that it didn’t go that far. I decided to remove the circular non-skid pad of the Manfrotto flange screw, which went easy as it came off by simply using my finger nails, with no residues of adhesive left on the flange. As the pad still retained its adhesive qualities, I further decided to attach it to the bottom of the flange of the screw to make it thicker and procruding further towards the whole of the aluminum plate of the grip. Following this, it fitted even better to the D-BASE-2, although it made it somewhat more difficult to screw it tight; when the pad was on the top of the flange screw it created a damping and stopping effect, but choosing between this and a unsecure screwing to the D-BASE-2 (with only a few turns) I decided to free the flange so that the threads of the screw could procude further off from the aluminum plate of the grip. It more or less attaches as tight to the D-BASE-2 as it did prior to my modification. However, there is a small revolving play between the K-3 grip and the D-BASE-2 as the rear pin of the aluminum plate of the grip moves freely inside the 1/4″-20 thread whole. It’s not that great of a play, and definitely less of a wiggle compare to my previous solution when using my older Manfrotto Female 1/4″-20 to Male 3/8″ brass adapter. Still not optimal, but good enough for now; I’m working on a solution (in my mind) where I could attach some kind of plastic knob to the metal pin on the aluminum plate of the K-3 grip, which could be removable if using the pistol grip with the Krasnogorsk-3 camera in the future (I early on decided not to file away these knobs as I still want to have the ability and choice to use it with the K-3). Nevertheless, attaching the telescopic shoulder brace to the pistol grip, the rails and BMPCC with POOLiCAGE to the D-BASE-2, united to the K-3 grip, knowing that I still may easily change batteries and SDXC cards, made me happy and impressed to the potential of this unique shoulder rig, assembled and modified by myself.


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