Looking for imperfections – Chromatic Abberations on the LOMO 16 OKS 3-10-1

A commentator was kind enough to point out some chromatic abberations coming from the LOMO 16 OKS 3-10-1 f/2.1 10mm lens, as seen in my Test Movie III: Mirrors. He used one example of a cutout from a window at 0:24 where a blue line on the left and a red line on the right is visible in a gap between the window frame and the window opening. I took a screenshot capturing the original graded CinemaDNG RAW image from the DaVinci Resolve timeline, plus a couple of other examples at 2:02 and 2:15 where I had spotted some chromatic abberation previously already when doing the edit and grade back in february 2017. I have appended this cutout below in two parts with a red line making a division between the 100% or standard non-magnified image to the left and a 200% magnification to the right to make it easier for the reader to clearly spot the chromatic abberations created by the lens.

Chromatic Abberation on the OKS 3-10-1 at 100% (left) and 200% (right)

So, there clearly is some chromatic abberation, mostly seen against a very bright background. But I have seen worse. Much worse, as is clearly seen with my Zenit Meteor 5-1 f/1.9 17-69 in my latest short The Red Stone, which doesn’t handle blues that well. The OKS 3-10-1 is a quite sharp lens and as a professional product gives a better overall image quality compared to the prosumer Meteor 5-1. And it’s like with most image quality defects, once you see it you will start to look for it. It’s better to look for the overall content and general visual impression rather than to get trapped in details. Although Iv’e seen these chromatic abberations myself, before the commentator pointed it out, I haven’t been bothered about it even though Iv’e seen the film blown up on a 32″ screen. It still produces a good image quality with some character (blooming, lens flare and beautiful bokeh) for a price of under $130. But to give a fair assessment of the lens, its handling of chromatic abberation has to be pointed out (something I haven’t done before).

LOMO 16 OKS 3-10-1 mounted to the BMPCC with a RafCamera Kinor-16SX-2 to MFT adapter

3 thoughts on “Looking for imperfections – Chromatic Abberations on the LOMO 16 OKS 3-10-1

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